Pure Justice

by Frontline

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This album was released in July 2014 on Thanks For Nothing Records.

Preorder this album on 12" vinyl record on the TFN Limited Run website.

For lyrics, see each individual track.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Michael Butler at Barecalf Studios.

Thanks to...
Matt Spencer from Hometown Hate for featuring on "Snitch".
Michael Aherne from Sentenced for featuring on "Becoming".
Robert David from Vow of Hatred for featuring on "Retribution".
Steven Hill for the album artwork.


released July 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Frontline Glasgow, UK

Beatdown Hardcore from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Track Name: Pure Justice
I wanna see you suffer for your heinous crimes,
The clock ticks towards the end,
Of your putrid fucking life.
Detestable waste of space.
It's all a show.
The ill omen of your end.

I've said before, there's no second chances.

I won't rest 'til you're dead and gone,
No letting up 'til I hear the sweet remorse of your torment.

This has gone for far too long.
Your death will be the purest form of justice.

No letting up.
No remorse.
You will suffer!
Track Name: Snitch (feat. Matt from Hometown Hate)
Respect, it don't mean shit.
Don't pretend that you'd fight for us.
Two faces trying to hide.
Nothing but a dirty rotten snitch.

You've got some fuckin' nerve,
To make us think,
That you're part of the crew.
Then you play your dirty tricks.
Try to fuck us and we'll fuck you too.

Hold tight.
You'll be found out.

Better run motherfucker when we find you out,
You can fight all you want but we pack a bigger bite.

Respect it doesn't mean shit to you.
Don't forget, we can find you out.
Two faces, smashed on the ground.
You fucking worthless snitch!
Track Name: Becoming (feat. Mike from Sentenced)
I've lost sight,
Got no vision,
Of a reverent future.
Dumbed down,
Left senseless.
Potential wasted away.

Futile, waste of space.
We could achieve so much more.
But with our minds corrupt,
We've lost our way.

Mindless, slave to the trend,
Lost touch with reality.
Open your eyes, see what you're becoming.
Open your mind, break free.

Losing grip of my sanity.
Take me back to normality.
Numb to your mentality.
I won't crumble.

Lost our fucking minds,
There is no future.
In our fucking graves,
From those before us.
There was no warning,
Nothing can stop this,
We just have to wait,
And pray we overcome.

When all is said and done,
Only time will tell.
What will we become?
Only time will tell.

When all is said and done,
What will we become?
Track Name: Break The Divide
The war rages on,
Fuelled by the bile of ignorant fools.
Your truth is not a fucking fact,
It's the result of close minded views.
How can you preach acceptance
When you're the filth that creates the divide?
How can you preach acceptance,
When you're a bigot, following with blind faith?

Break the divide
Lay them to waste

Blame your unjust perspective,
On something other than your own warped sense.
Hiding behind a false intention.
We can break this divide and overcome.

How can you live with yourself?
Your belief is a wretched betrayal.

Break the divide
Lay them all to waste

You are the true abomination.
Track Name: Retribution (feat. Bobby from Vow of Hatred)
Pestilence, cast your plague,
Strike down the deceivers,
Death, shed your darkness,
Rid the world of the weak.

Sick. Coward.
Retribution awaits.
And vengeance will erupt with malice.

The time will come when you grovel with regret.
A reprisal of empathy.
Merciless. No remorse.
You will endure pure misery.

Your time will come.
You will endure.
Pure misery.

Famine, curse the ignorant.
Make them choke on their words.
War will come for their end,
And tear their throat.