Subject of Hate

by Frontline

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This album was released in August 2013 on Thanks For Nothing Records.


For lyrics, see each individual track.


released August 25, 2013

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Ali Walker at Devils Own Studio.
Thanks to Paul Williams of Desolated for featuring on "Lost".
Thanks to Steven Hill for the album artwork.
Thanks to Ben, Dan, Hooper and Stu for their contributions to group vocals.



all rights reserved


Frontline Glasgow, UK

Beatdown Hardcore from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Track Name: Cold Touch
Karma, let me be your arm of justice.
Let my blows strike true.
Trapped here on this corrupt earth.
Let vengeance reign.

Condemned, a twisted soul.
A broken oath, a world so cold.
Sins committed, never forgiven.
I'm here to do the devil's work.

Bruised fists, blood spilled.
Tormented by karma's cold touch.
Sins committed, never forgiven.
My mind is ready to fulfil God's will.

Karma, let me be your arm of justice.
Let my blows strike true.
Trapped here on this corrupt earth.
Let vengeance reign.

The end will come.
The end will come.
You can't escape.
Karma's cold touch.
Track Name: Run Ya Mouth
You think you know, but you have no idea.
You hypocrites are spitting verbal diarrhoea.
We hear you talk, but your words don't mean shit.
Get the fuck back before you get hit.

Truth without compromise,
Thought without error
All for the betterment of man.

Found fault with them all.
This is my truth.
Track Name: No Unity
No unity, No hope
Take a look through my eyes.
No unity, No respect
You embody everything I despise.
No unity, No hope
Take a look through my fucking eyes.
No unity, No mercy.

There's nothing positive about your views.
Practice what you preach.
I see the hatred in what you say,
But you are a fake.

Keep spreading your lies,
Just face that you'll always be weak.
Keep spreading your fucking lies,
Your influence will quickly decay.

Take a look through my eyes,
You will see what I see.
There's no unity,
No hope, no respect, no mercy.

Continue down this path.
And we will see who prevails in the end.
We will see who prevails in the end.
Track Name: Lost (featuring Paul Williams of Desolated)
Lost in the depths of my mind,
Nowhere to go, no escape for my soul,
This prison I can't see, is slowly destroying me.
Take life from the seed of existence,
No longer can I distance my mind,
I've lost control,
Nothing can revive the peace inside.

My dreams can't comfort me,
From this reality,
I'm losing my mind.
No one can stop me,
I'm heading downwards alone,
To nowhere I can call home.
(End of Paul)

Trapped inside my head,
These inner demons I have fed.
Consumed by my insecurities,
I've got no one left.
I'm forever lost.
Track Name: Down But Not Out
The best of us may have gone,
We've been hit to the ground,
But not for long, we'll rise again.
We're down but not out,
Here we stand to keep this alive,
This is why we strive to go on.

You can't kill us off,
We're just too tough.
We'll survive and make it through this disaster,
No recognition,
It's not what we're after.

Struggle through the hardest of days,
We won't give up, There's no way.
We're down but not out,
We'll rise again.

Courage. Strength. Unity.
Track Name: Rotten To The Core
There I see you again,
Preaching your negative views.
You forget, we think for ourselves.
We're sick of you fools.
An opposing opinion, not based on fact,
An opposing opinion, built on elitist views.

Self-entitled, arrogant fool,
I will be there to witness your fall.
Only then can you pick yourself up,
And see the world for how it really is.

You only get one second chance,
And then you're on your own.
Nothing left but a rotten core,
And a bitter taste that won't wash out.

Fucking parasite!
Track Name: Subject of Hate
The cracks begin to show,
On the mask that you desperately hide behind.
Fully exposed, there's no escape.
You have gone and made a name for yourself,
Truth be told, it's nothing positive.

No where to run,
No where to hide.

Now you're a victim,
We knew this day would come.
No longer superior.

There's no escape,
From your slanderous past.
You thought you left it behind,
But it will be your grave.

You're just a subject of hate,
There's no escape.